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Grease Trap Pumping Services in Denver

Denver Grease Trap Pumping is above and beyond all our competition regarding professional grease trap cleaning services. In recent years, Denver has experienced explosive growth with new food establishments opening daily. This boom in the food business means more heavy-duty pipes are needed to handle the increased FOG (fat, oil, grease) volume produced by commercial kitchens. If you are a new restaurant owner, you will require a higher capacity grease trap and more regular cleaning. The bigger the pipes, the more sludge, grease, and food debris you can handle, which means lowered plumbing and energy costs. The newer, larger pipes are also more efficient and keep you safe from local health officials’ wrath. On the negative side, the bigger the system, the more massive the clean-up job needed.

A large kitchen will require larger pipes and a more extensive vacuum system. This vacuum system is irreplaceable in pumping out the vast quantities of sludge from your trap and disposing of it in an eco-friendly manner. Not many companies have the equipment and skills to handle such large jobs, but Denver Grease Trap Services does. We have a fleet of grease collection trucks and skilled personnel experienced in handling grease disposal for the many restaurants in the area. When you hire a professional company like us, you get what you pay for. Our clients are always satisfied with our services, and it is our aim to keep it that way. To do this, we follow all the regulations set out by the local authorities, so all of us stay on the right side of the law.

Do you need grease trap pumping?

There are several factors that you can take into consideration before deciding whether to call for grease pumping services to clean up your system.

The Denver Health Code states that any commercial kitchen or food-related service needs to conduct manual grease trap cleaning. Anti-sludge compounds are widespread in Denver, which ensures thorough cleaning of your grease trap. Manual grease trap cleaning may suffice for smaller commercial kitchens. Still, it is always best to have the grease pumped by a professional. Some factors that determine whether your trap needs pumping include:

  • The amount of greasy food cooked hourly
  • The capacity of your grease trap and plumbing fixtures
  • The consistency and viscosity of the oil produced by your kitchen

The number of fatty food dishes you make, compared to the number of non-greasy dishes you make

How much does grease trap pumping cost?

We cannot provide a fixed rate that will apply for all food establishments because there are too many factors that affect the cost of grease trap pumping. For instance, the type of grease trap installed and the restaurant’s regular cleaning procedures are just two factors that can affect the cost of pumping. This is why we offer a free estimate after one of our specialists physically inspects your commercial kitchen.

The location of your grease trap is another thing that can affect the cost of pumping services. The pumping procedure is more complicated when there is a considerable distance between the trap and the kitchen so expect higher rates in this situation. On the other hand, if the interceptor is accessible, lower prices are charged for pumping.

This is why Denver Grease Trap Services only provides a fixed rate after we consider the setup and logistics of the operation. We believe this personalized approach works to each restaurant’s advantage, assuring the fees we charge are fair and reasonable.

Why is a regular pumping schedule important?

One of the big mistakes that new restaurant owners make is underestimating the importance of regular grease trap pumping. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that this is a bad idea, and they end up calling us for emergency grease pumping. By the time this happens, their grease trap has overflowed, and pumping is more expensive. Allowing your grease trap to reach its maximum capacity can spell disaster for your business. Not only is this practice a severe health violation, but officials can stick you with hefty fines for violating these regulations. You may even be forced to search for an after-hours pumping and cleaning service, which is more expensive than regular cleaning.

Putting off your grease trap pumping could be the downfall of your business. This is why a regular pumping schedule is vital. Regular pumping ensures your business runs smoothly and saves you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Give us a call right away and get your restaurant on the safe side. You can reach us at 303-578-9333.

Our grease trap pumping and cleaning services are the most reliable in Denver

Heavy-duty pumping systems have become necessary in Denver with the high volumes of grease produced by commercial kitchens. We own a fleet of the latest grease pumping trucks and have highly trained crews ready to offer the best service possible. Our grease interceptor cleaning technique is always within the EPA regulations, and we follow proper grease disposal methods. We have worked with all types of grease traps and interceptors, so you can count on our team to get the job done right.

Denver Grease Trap Services is equipped with a wide variety of vacuum systems designed to handle any size commercial kitchen. Our team only hires the best people in the field with years of experience in grease trap pumping. With such experts on your side and a fleet of the latest grease pumping trucks, we are the most reliable company for any job. When you work with us, we guarantee that your business will continue to thrive while we handle your grease trap needs.



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